Some of My Fave Summer Dresses for 2020: Fortunate One Store

Some of My Fave Summer Dresses for 2020: Fortunate One


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With summer weather coming back to Toronto in full force, I wanted to share some of my new Fortunate One summer dresses for 2020!

Okay, okay. They’re not entirely new. I’ve actually had these summer dresses since March–I bought them in preparation for my then-anticipated trip to Aruba…which was cancelled because, you know, COVID-19. But I just cut the tags off them the other day (hello, summa!) and *finally* wore them outside. The real good news is that a couple of them are currently on sale!

If you haven’t heard of Fortunate One before, it’s a popular Australian brand that offers the latest in boho fashion for reasonable prices. I’ve purchased from them a couple of times in the past and really love the effortlessly pretty look and style of their clothing. Their quality is pretty good too!

Check out some of the pieces from my last order!

First up is the Augustine Dress. Cute, playful and casual little white dresses are my summer favourite. Believe me–I’ve collected many throughout the years. This one is a nice length–not too long, not too short. To give you a better idea, I’m 5’3.5 and this dress hits a bit above the knee (as shown below). It’s also thick enough that it provides good coverage (that is, you can’t see my undies–a problem I’ve had so many times with white dresses in the past lol!) without being too much material for summer. It pairs great with woven slides or platforms!

Next is the San Carlos Midi Dress. This is such a great casual dress! I usually like shorter dresses, but I’m enjoying the length on this one as well as the flow from the bottom. The material is textured and feels durable, and the sleeves are adjustable (you can tie them into bows, how frikin cute!). Pair it with some woven platforms and you’re good to go! It definitely gives me all the beachy island vibes. Now if only there were a beach for me to wear it to… (PS: It’s on sale right now!)

The last dress is the Penasco Dress. I was a little worried this one would look boxy on me. Luckily, the structure, shape of the dress and frill at the bottom make it really flattering, despite it not being inherently flowey or fitted. I also really like the pompom detail along the hemlines. Overall, it’s actually a super cute and girly dress, and I look forward to wearing it more! =D

Penaso Dress (Sage)

Summer doesn’t stick around for long over here, so I’m gonna be getting dressed up in these cuties for almost any occasion…even if it is just my weekly walk down aisle number 5.

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