The Ultimate Travel Dress: The Joie de Vivre Adventure Dress
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The Ultimate Travel Dress: The Joie de Vivre Adventure Dress


Presenting the limited edition Joie de Vivre Adventure Dress, co-designed by yours truly in collaboration with the amazing women at Acanela Expeditions & The Adventure Dress!

Dresses are a staple of my wardrobe all year round–yes, even during the frigid Canadian winters. I just love them! Whether casual or more elaborate, dresses can be effortlessly stylish, easy to dress up or down, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion, event or (quite honestly) day of the week.

And I think it’s safe to say that I found one that checks all of those boxes and more! Introducing the ultimate travel dress: the *limited edition* Joie de Vivre Adventure Dress that I co-designed in collaboration with those at Acanela Expeditions and Adventure Dress.

The Ultimate Travel Dress: The Joie de Vivre Dress
Boho-style flowy maxi dress

The Ultimate Travel Dress

What makes this the ultimate travel dress? Well, that’s easy! It’s lightweight, wrinkle-free, versatile, fast-drying, and always photo ready! Packing for your next trip? The Adventure Dress is easy to pack and only weighs a quarter pound, so it won’t take up too much space or weight in your suitcase.

Want to wear it as soon as you arrive at your destination, but won’t have time (or, let’s be real, patience) to iron? That’s cool too, because the Adventure Dress doesn’t wrinkle. Just take it out of our suitcase and slip it on!

Have a lot of activities and sight-seeing planned but need to pack light for easy moving? I got you. The Adventure Dress is hella versatile–you can wear it to a destination wedding, to the beach, while exploring the city, while hiking, and even just on the plane while jetting off to your next destination. You can even wear it in different climates–it’s a long-sleeved maxi, but it’s light, making it perfect for both warm and cool destinations.

It’s fast-drying too, making it the go-to item to wear between activities (e.g., from the beach to the city and beyond!). One piece for multiple activities means you can cut down what you need to pack!

Finally, the Adventure Dress is always photo-ready. Not only for the reasons listed above, but because it is designed to keep you feeling refreshed and looking your best at all times!

Sustainable & Empowering

Not only is the Adventure Dress a game changer for your travel wardrobe, it’s a purchase you can feel good about. Made of sustainably sourced natural fiber, the Adventure dress is 100% biodegradable. 100%!

Purchasing one is both good for the planet and supports the livelihood of the local female artisans from Indonesia who hand make them. It empowers these women and ensures they will continue to have a sustainable income from a high quality job.

“Made for women by women”

Ready to upgrade your travel wardrobe? Click here to purchase the Joie de Vivre Adventure Dress for 20% off! (you will see that the discount has been applied at check out.) Or use code ASHA at check out to save on ANY other Adventure Dress in the collection (here). To learn more about Adventure Dress and their work, click here.

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