Martha Brae River Rafting
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Martha Brae River Rafting in Falmouth, Jamaica


Rafting along the Martha Brae River was the best and most peaceful way to bring my 3-days of Jamaica touring to a close. Below I give you a detailed overview of my experience with this excursion. Peaceful and relaxing with just a hint of adventure, Martha Brae River Rafting is a must-do activity in Jamaica!


After the hustle and bustle of the weekend, we arrived at the Martha Brae River around 9:00 am on the first Monday in May. Located in Falmouth, the Martha Brae River Rafting Village was about a 20-30 minute drive from our resort (Jewel Grande) in Mobay. We were the first visitors to arrive, so the area was quiet and very peaceful. After being greeted with a welcome drink at the bar and given a short performance by a friendly musician by the name of “Cool John,” we were set!

We got on the first raft, with raft captain Gayle. As we were there to take photos, we were so appreciative of his accommodating nature. He stopped when we needed to stop and would even advise us of upcoming photo spots. After getting the content we needed, we used the rest of the ride to relax and just be present. The river was empty and the waters were calm, which made the experience even better.

There is an option to do a half-hour or 1-hour tour. Initially, we were going to do the half-hour tour. But naturally, we didn’t want our time to end! So, we continued on down the river to get as much enjoyment out of the experience as we could. There are also vendors set up along the side of the river, selling beer, snacks and other refreshments. So have your captain pull off to the side, grab a Lemon Cold Stripe, sit back and enjoy!

It goes without saying, but I definitely recommend the 1-hour tour. If you put this activity on your list, definitely plan to arrive as early as possible so you can really get to relax without having a million other tourists around you. Captain Gayle told us that during the peak season, the river can get FULL of rafts. So we were exceptionally lucky to have had the river to ourselves. Also, bring your camera! You will not want to miss out on capturing all of the natural beauty surrounding you.

I love supporting locals and local businesses. So I was pleased at the end to have the opportunity to buy some unique handcrafted items from my captain. There was no pressure either, which made our decision to purchase that much easier. We later learned that aside from tips, this is one of the main sources of income for the raft captains, so try to be as generous as you can if you do make a purchase or leave a tip. Now not only do I have beautiful photos to remember this experience by, but a personalized and engraved calabash bowl. =D

I couldn’t have asked for a better time and definitely recommend adding Martha Brae River Rafting to your Jamaica bucket list!


A massive thank you is in order to the Jamaica Tourism Board (@visitJamaica) and our incredible guide Everton Esmie for helping us experience the beauty of Jamaica and making this visit possible!

Another warm thank you to Captain Gayle, for his kindness and friendliness during our rafting experience. =D